Hello World

The title seems self-explanatory. But one may ask, why the second blog is given the revered ‘Hello World’ title? Its because, in the beginning, this blog was created for a particular purpose i.e. as one of the tasks to qualify as a ‘ninja’ in the ‘Stalk Ninja‘ website. Speaking of which, SN is a novel and innovative venture which redefines freelancing in the context of Indian college students. Till date, I haven’t been able to complete or even attempt any of their projects. But I am working on that. So, as I was saying, I setup the blog that day, submitted it and forgot about it. I hadn’t planned to or rather never even considered writing a blog. It seemed a total waste of time, which those ‘fancy’ people do. So am I trying to be one of them? Well then, hear me out: Of course not. Now it’s been some time since I have started feeling the need to organize my thoughts, ideas and most importantly, the things I learn in a productive way (more on what I mean by that on a later post). Yup, I have tried most of the easier ways starting from pen & paper to todo lists, bookmarks, extensions and all those.I wouldn’t be writing stories, poems or other musings of my life (not much either) in this blog. But I would try to write what I do write, things pertaining to Comp.Science mostly, in an organized way so that at a later stage, these might come handy to myself or someone else interested. I know that the time I spend in documenting these itself would take a heafty toll on the so-called productivity. So I have decided to keep the posts short and crisp with only the core-of-what-matters. This also means that I wouldnt be caring much for the language or spellings or other seemingly irrelevant details, do bear with me. So wrapping up for now.



P.S: As of 2013, StackNinja seems to have been shutdown. I completed two tasks while it was operational.

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