Productivity and Chrome

More on productivity, just as I said. Productivity is a measure of output from a production process, per unit of input (wiki). Another term: Knowledge work productivity is the measure of the efficiency and effectiveness of the output generated by workers who mainly rely on knowledge, rather than labour, during the production process. Well, these might cover productivity in its broadest aspect but what prompted me to write this blog is something different. I recently switched over to Google Chrome from a multitude of other browsers (opera,IE and Firefox). My point is not that Chrome is the best (it might be), over which a lot of high-profile flame wars can be seen in most forums. But the reason I switched over is important. I am juggling between different OSes on a daily basis (Ubuntu,Vista, Win7 etc) and I was finding it very difficult to keep track of  my internet proceedings. I could be seen copying files from one system to other, importing bookmarks, saving websites for later reading etc. I was also maintaining a scribbling pad for sake of easiness.Recently one of my drives crashed, where by I lost lot my data and my bookmarks, settings etc which were collected over a long period. I decided this should end. Then I came to know of Chrome, its app store and most imp. its Productivity section. I found out just the things I were looking for. Chrome installs apps/extensions almost instantly. I tried many and finally managed to strike up a fine balance btw productivity and coordination. I now use Quick Note to jot down points and notes, diigo extention to bookmark, highlight and share annoted links, google dictionary to get instant meanings and Read Fast Later to mark pages for later reading without cluttering my bookmarks. And the best part is google automatically syncs my data between the different systems (beauty of cloud). So no more hussle. I suppose apps like these would help us focus more on the content or matter in hand leaving the organizing work to the machines. Now that is ‘Productivity’ in my context.

p.s. I just wasted about 20 mins writing this and more gravely I am starting to like this!


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