Tabulating Life

As expected, I was unable to update my web log for quite a time. Been busy with so must things at hand. Got some time now, and thought I would post something worthwhile.

After tweaking chrome for productivity, I have got this organising craze. I am feeling that lot of data in our lives are getting wasted. Thoughts, ideas and actions get blurred in in the depths of our memory as the time speeds past. I have searched far and wide for the ultimate organising tool, which can store our life (or pieces of it) in a structured manner such that it can be informative at a later stage. The closest I could find was the ‘FlexLists’.

To get an idea about what I am talking, check out this link:

It is just a sort of database, which we can easily design, manipulate and maintain. We can just enter the no. of columns we want, type of data that goes into each of these etc. It even sorts the data as per any column we choose. In the above link, there was a list containing abbreviations which I had seen in the internet, what they stand for, and a short description as to what they are. One can choose to make a list private or public, e-mail it, share it, take print outs etc.

The possibilities are endless. I have many lists (some private) which are tabulating various details that I tend to forget. I dont have to sit in front of it and fill it up with details. Infact, each row is added at different points of time. Let me show another one, which relates more to life:

It lists all the movies I have seen starting from 7th July 2011. I have rated the movies based on how I felt after watching it, and have written brief reviews accordingly. The idea is not to show off to someone what all movies I have seen. Rather while adding each movie, I have to look up its director, its cast etc which makes me atleast wiki them and thereby be more informed. I will also have an idea of the number of movies I see and can extract various statistical details based on language, rating etc (sort them, search “column name”:”keyword”, use AND, OR etc). Also at a later stage of life, these lists will be a fun to read through.

As I said, the possibilities are endless.

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