The 55444 hackathon

The hackathon that changed everything!


This is a post I have been longing to write. The hackathon (or hacking marathon) was held on 14th and 15th of July 2012. 

I heard about the hackathon a few weeks before and registered then itself. But unable to make it to Banglore alone, I had to scrap the plan. #disappointed. Then a few days before the hack, I got a call from Innoz saying that they have a provision for offline participation. #hope. I assured my offline presence. Fast-forward to 12th July night. I recieved a call from my college senior Sharan Thampi saying that Startup Village was arranging a bus from Cochin to Banglore for the hackathon. He said that they have 4 seats reserved and that they are willing to give those seats to interested programmers. #bloundlessjoy

So now it was upto me to get 3 more people on board. An all paid trip to banglore is hard to resist. 🙂 So by July 13th afternoon, myself, and three of my classmates boarded the train to Cochin. Vishnu, Royce and Venki. And guess what, though they were excellent programmers, they didn’t know much web development.

The journey from cochin was an interesting one. We started off by about 10.30PM. Met a lot of students from other colleges, interacted etc. #nicetrip. But one tyre kept getting punchured after every 150 KM or so. So after a total of 3 punctures (after I boarded), we managed to reach Banglore Innoz office. The event started by 11.00AM and we made it there by 2PM. Went in, wrote our ideas, collected our goodies bag and sped of to have breakfast. We missed the Keynote. 😦 

Afterwards we were given a quick intro on how the app. platform works by Mr.Hisam. 

Then we got cracking. I had learnt PHP earlier. So, on  14th morning, we were busy honing our PHP skills. 

to be continued..



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